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King County Franchise Compensation Proposal

"The county is now offering our water utility (thru the HOA) a franchise to be able to work/repairs on our water system that is under the road right of way. In Oct. of 2016 they passed an ordinance to charge a rental fee to franchised utilities for the use of county owned road right of ways to do these repairs and maintenance. They are still working on the how much factor, but projected a per connection amount of $30.(+/-) per month. It would be billed to the HOA and passed down to homeowners. This ordinance was passed with out public input."

- Steve Smith

Riverbend HOA President

While the potential impacts to the HOA and its members are still being evaluated, we wanted to inform the residents. These potential impacts could come in the form of cost increases of utilities, such as:

  • Water

  • Power

  • Septic/Sewer

  • and more

Since utility companies will be charged they would spread the costs to the end users, YOU.

Do you want to know how you can help prevent this cost being sent to you? 

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