- "I am purchasing a home in your neighborhood (or new to the area), what should I do to ensure that I am listed with the HOA?"

Answer - You can always contact our accounting office (425-888-4564) to update or add your information. The HOA wants HOMEOWNERS information only at this time, Renters can be contacted by the homeowner. In the future we will have contact lists, for emergency and water notifications.

- "What type of utilities are available throughout the neighborhood?"

Answer - Electricity is provided by above ground power lines. The provider is Puget Sound Energy (PSE).

All lots within Riverbend are On-Site Septic systems (OSS) as there is NO sewer service provided to the neighborhood.

There is NO natural gas lines service lines within Riverbend. Propane can be obtained through local commercial providers at Homeowners request and cost. 

Water is provided by a private water system maintained by the HOA. Annual dues covers the cost of water supply, maintenance and other water services. 

- "I am a realtor (or homeowner) and I am curious where to obtain a copy of the HOA covenants and/or information about the Homeowners Association?"

Answer - Realtors can obtain copies of the covenants and other related HOA information by contacting the HOA Board President, Steve Smith. He can be contacted at Please include your realtor, company information and lot/address you are obtaining information about. 

Homeowners - can obtain covenant, bylaws or other HOA information by contact the HOA through telephone, website, Facebook page (RiverbendHOAOfficial) or Facebook private members only group (Riverbend HOA).

What type of amenities are located or included within the neighborhood?

Answer - Please click on the "Community Info" tab to find out about the amenities located within and near the Riverbend Homesites neighborhood. 

- "What do my Homeowners dues pay for?"

Answer - Your Homeowners dues primarily pays for the water system and water usage for the year. Think of it as your water bill. A portion of the dues pay for maintenance, insurance, and operation of HOA owned properties.

- "How do I contact the HOA and/or it's board members?"

Answer - You can contact the HOA in general preferably by email. This can be through the "Contact Us" tab within the website. 

You may leave a phone message with the accounting office, or a voicemail message after business hours. An HOA Board member will check the message and return your call, typically within 72 hours. 

Other means of contact that can be utilized are the Facebook Page (RiverbendHOAOfficial) or the private members only group (Riverbend HOA). Both of the Facebook sites are monitored by HOA Board Member(s) and you must be accepted into the group. The HOA list is verified on a regular basis to ensure accuracy within the group. 

- "How do I update my information with the HOA?"

Answer - You can update your information by contacting our accounting office. This is only needed for HOMEOWNERS at this time. Homeowners MUST provide updated information or can be assessed fees for inability to contact (commonly called Renters/Leasers can keep their information current with the homeowner. 

We have plans to be able to update information electronically in the future. This would be utilizing an form through the website.

- "How do I set up payment of my HOA dues? Is there an online way to pay my dues?"

Answer - Payment of annual HOA dues must be received by Jan 31st of the current year (example: 2018 dues are due Jan 31st, 2018).

Payments received after that date will be subject to late fees, with potential for water shutoff (HOA Board Approval). Cost of $400 to re-establish water once shutoff.

Payments can be made via postal mail with your lot # included. Including your dues statement with payment will be helpful for proper accounting.

Mail payment to:

P.O. Box 654, North Bend, WA 98045.


Payment can also be made in person at:

 401 Bendigo Blvd N, North Bend, WA 98045

Some members have elected to pay annual dues through their financial institutions "bill pay". You will need to set this up and will need your account number for this. Please contact the accounting office for your account number. You may elect to set up payments for following years dues, if account is current. (Example: Pay $xx monthly (2018) for 2019's Annual Dues.

There has been discussion about an option for online/electronic bill payment. The HOA board is reviewing this option as a potential. Currently there is NO online bill pay option