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Riverbend is a neighborhood of 544 unique homes at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in North Bend, Washington. The neighborhood is located in unincorporated King County, just outside the city limits of North Bend.

Riverbend's HOA maintains the water system for the neighborhood and other HOA owned properties such as Kelly Park. King County owns the property around the lake that is located and accessed from the neighborhood.

Numerous recreational activities are near Riverbend, such as the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, Rattlesnake Lake, Twin Falls, and many others.

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To communicate better with the membership and Homeowners, we created a Facebook group (Private) and a Facebook page (Public). These were created to communicate both inside the neighborhood and outside to our surrounding community.

Riverbend Homesites Association (Facebook PAGE)

Riverbend HOA (Facebook Group)

Local residents within the Riverbend neighborhood are having a community garage & yard sale. 

Stop by the neighborhood and look for signs of participating residents. 





We hope you find the item(s) you are searching for and enjoy visiting our neighborhood and residents. Please CONTACT US, if need more information. 


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